Part 2 of Why Move? How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help You “Age In Place”

Over the last decade, the options for senior housing have broadened as the older population has expanded, and more attention and resources have been redirected towards elder services.

Whether you’re considering housing alternatives in the near term, or planning ahead with an eye on possible future needs, it makes good sense to become familiar with the range of senior living arrangements that are available.

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Part 3 of Why Move? How a Reverse Mortgages Can Help You “Age In Place”

Each year, more than 22,000 agencies nationwide provide home care services to over two million people, and as the population ages, these numbers will continue to grow.

Like the senior described in Why Move? How a Reverse Mortgage Can Help You “Age In Place”/Part 2 (link), who was able to return home after a serious accident because she hired a live-in attendant, a helping hand may be the deciding factor in whether you’re able to age in place — and thus, whether beginning the reverse mortgage qualifying process makes sense for you.

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