For Industry Professionals

Help your clients make informed decisions using reverse mortgage programs.
Financial Planners/Advisors:
  • Do you have clients in danger of burning through their portfolios because they lack the income to cover their current mortgage payments?
  • Replacing the existing mortgage with a Reverse Mortgage may make the difference between living a comfortable life and running out of money.
Real Estate Agents — how can we best serve our senior homebuyers?
  • List a senior’s home so they can purchase something more accommodating both physically and financially, then represent the same senior in buying the right-sized home.
  • Show your client how they can buy the right-sized home with no monthly mortgage payment, at the same time increasing their cash reserves with the proceeds from the sale.
  • Help your client purchase a vacation home or investment property (by utilizing equity in their primary residence).
  • Assist your client’s adult children with a down payment (utilizing equity in their primary residence).
  • Develop referral partners by identifying needs special to seniors.

Would you like to know more about how reverse mortgages could benefit your clients? I welcome the opportunity to help demystify the process and share my knowledge and expertise with you. To discover options for your clients, contact Cynthia Kee.