Reverse Mortgage for Purchase

A mortgage for purchase could help finance a new home.
How does reverse for purchase actually work?*
  • Senior lists and sells their current home for $650,000.
  • Senior nets $300,000 after mortgage payoff, fees, etc.
  • Senior only uses $250,000 of the $300,000 for down payment towards the “downsized” home.
  • We fund a Reverse for Purchase for $300,000.
  • Senior profits $50,000 from previous house and has no mortgage payments for the rest of their life.
  • FICO scores not a factor.
  • Limited income ok.
  • Use to increase purchase power.

Get Pre-Qualified Now! Contact Cynthia Kee to arrange a complimentary individualized review to find out how a Reverse Mortgage could benefit you. Contact: Cynthia Kee 707-812-2102   *example is based on a 72-year-old borrower