It would be an honor to have the opportunity

to be of service to you.

Just wanted to let you know how much Denise and I appreciate all that you have done for the both of us in working thru an out-of-state reverse mortgage all the way up here in Washington.   My main issue with conventional lending was that even though we were ready to purchase a new home with funds from the sale of our last home, the lender was still asking us for no less then 311 pages of verification items including current bank statements that were only 30 days out of date. You were ready to go. I guess the big plus from my side was the fact that Denise would be able to live in our house mortgage free if I passed away. In conventional lending if she for some reason was unable to make payments at a late stage in her life, she would be foreclosed on and have to move in with family.   You called us every time of day and no matter where you were you all ways had time to take our calls. Our real estate broker was a little nervous as he had never done a deal such as our in an unconventional way but you walked him through it right up and beyond closing.   Thank you so much for all you have done for us. This is the second time we have worked together in financing our biggest asset (our home) simply…you are the best.

Phil & Denise T.

No one believes they will be broke and working at a concession in the park at age 75 but that was me. I never considered a reverse mortgage or how paying off my mortgage would make such a difference. Cynthia helped me to understand all of the details and was so kind in her approach. I want to say "thank you" for this opportunity as I was able to take my only granddaughter to Texas for a summer vacation. That memory will last the rest of my life. This would not have been possible under my current situation. The reverse mortgage made a huge quality of life change for me.

Mary Jane S.

When I lost Shirley I was left with only one social security check and a house in disrepair. My future was not only lonely but uncertain, as I had to spend most of our life savings caring for my bride. After meeting with Cynthia and doing research on the reverse mortgage program I felt confident in moving forward with it. I got the cash I needed to fix up my home and put a large sum back into the savings account so that when it is my time, I can stay in my home and afford in home care. I met Cynthia Kee at one of her Forums. She is knowledgeable and truly cares about her clients welfare.

Robert T.

This has been quite a process and I don’t know how you do it all the time. You must truly like people and helping them out in this way. Thank you for putting up with me as we went through this process. I do appreciate you and how you handled all the stuff you had to keep straight and knowing you are working with others at the same time.

John & Violet V.

When I met Cynthia to talk about a reverse mortgage I was scared and nervous as my recently deceased husband always handled the finances. She was not only caring and professional, she let me come to my own conclusions on how this program would be of benefit to me.

Evelyn R.

Cynthia was professional, knowledgeable, and patient, no matter how many times she had to explain something to this neophite. I cannot say enough about her steady stream of communication. She kept in touch almost daily with reassurances, even when there was no news to report. If I began to feel discouraged that things were not progressing as fast as I would like, she buoyed me up.

Claire R.

From the first meeting at her Forum to the signing of the final papers, Cynthia was with me every step of the way.  Her level of professionalism with personal attention was priceless. Cynthia made the whole, rather laborious, process seem more like two friends trying to solve a puzzle together, rather than a hard task. She is a consummate professional, yet her friendly demeanor and high level of communication make the whole process smooth and efficient. I felt like I'd made a new friend.

Paula W.

We want to thank you for helping us get through a complex and nerve racking process. It was a difficult decision to make and your support made it much easier to make. We would love to do business with you again.

Tom & Joann T.

Getting the reverse mortgage was actually a scary step for me. Cynthia's constant reassurance helped immensely, and now I feel like a have financial freedom — it has made me feel like a huge financial burden has rolled off my back. I kept trying to find a "down side" to the reverse mortgage. Now that I have the cash and more financial freedom, I wonder why I worried so much. I now have the ability to do several needed repairs on my house and have more money to spend every month. It's a win-win.

Lorraine C.

We made it through the process, and Sharon and I both believe that you did a fair and honest job for us. You went above and beyond several times (appraisal, final check), and we really appreciate it.     We will happily refer any of our friends to you for a reverse mortgage.

Joe H.

I was so worried about whether this was a good thing for me to do. You were so patient and never pushed me, you spent countless hours going over scenarios and sharing fact and good information. I deeply appreciate the fact that that you came to my house 5 times, sharing and educating me about the reverse mortgage before I decided that it was the right thing for me. You are an expert Cynthia. This single move to a reverse mortgage has changed every one of my days, and now too, it has changed my life. I don’t wake up worrying anymore about my finances anymore. Since I lost Harold, things have been so confusing and scary for me. Thank you Cynthia for everything…. You are my angel!!!

June T.

Thank you for the beautiful change you have made in my life. You have taken me from being stuck high on the rocks, in absoute poverty, the only thing left of value was my home of 27 years, which I was hanging on to by a thread. I thank you for working endlessly to ensure I would get my reverse mortgage, even when I had some tough qualification issues. I know you stepped up for me when others would have caved and taken the easy way out. Every time we hit a bump, you managed to work out some real tough things. I thank the Lord for sending you to me. Because of your integrity and heart, I can live my life, which as a friend of mine told me “with some beautiful breathing room.”

Eric S.